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International Collaboration

  • Czech Republic: University of Hradec Králové
  • Russian: Universitas Petropolitana Saint Petersburg State University
  • Slovakia: Matej Bel University
  • Slovakia: Slovak University of Agriculture
  • Slovakia: University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra
  • SwitzerlandUniversity of Neuchatel
  • Ukraine: State Natural History Museum NAS Ukraine
  • Hungary: Agricultural Institute of the Centre for Agricultural Research in Martonvasar
  • Great Britain: Society for the History of Natural History
  • Great Britain: Kingston University London


Collaboration with Polish Institutions

  • AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków
  • Bieszczady National Park
  • Institute of Botany Władysław Szafer Polish Academy of Sciences in Kraków
  • Institute of Plant Physiology, Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Institute of Systematics and Animal Evolution PAS Cracow
  • Ojcowski National Park
  • Warsaw University of Life Sciences
  • University of Gdańsk
  • University Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań
  • Jagiellonian University
  • Medical University of Katowice
  • University of Agriculture in Kraków
  • University of Rzeszów
  • University of Zielona Góra


Participation of Staff in International Scientific Associations

  • Polish Botanical Society
  • Polish Society for Agronomy
  • Slovak Botanical Society